Congratulations to AND Graduating Interns!

It’s graduation season and Asian Neighborhood Design would like to send warm congratulations to three Architecture + Community Design Interns that graduated this past weekend. Congratulations Anh Vo, Anarosa Robledo, and Trenton Jewett!

These talented interns have been an integral part of the AND team this year, significantly contributing to various architectural projects. 

Anarosa Robledo joined AND in Fall 2016 through an academic internship course. She was involved in the  HUG Preschool project by contributing her strong research and analytical skills to completing SF Planning Department permit applications, such as the Environmental Evaluation Review with a Historical Supplement. She was also involved in the Excelsior Family Connections project organizing and researching LEED materials which has made a tremendous contribution to help the project achieve LEED certification. When asked what she enjoyed about interning at AND, she states, “I enjoyed the ability to be able to work on different aspects of a project, learning about the planning and development process from an architect's perspective, and simply knowing these projects will have a positive impact on the community's success.” Anarosa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies with Minor in Architecture and Sustainable Design from the University of California, Berkeley.  After graduation, she will be taking an extra semester to study abroad at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) taking courses in urban planning, architecture, and philosophy.

Selected work by Anarosa Robledo for Excelsior Family Connections - LEED Certification

Anh Vo joined AND in Fall 2016. She brought her positive attitude and high enthusiasm into all the projects she was involved in. She was involved in the majority of the 2016 First Impressions projects, such as Southeast Mission Geriatric Clinic, Transitional Age Youth Drop-In Center, & OMI Family Center, assisting in site measuring, creating 3D models of the sites, and paint color selection. What she enjoyed most about interning at AND was that it exposed her the different facets of architecture, design, and the profession. Anh graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the California College of the Arts.

Selected work by Anh Vo for First Impressions Projects

 Trenton Jewett joined AND in Fall 2015 as an Extern through the CCA Connects program.. He contributed his strong work-ethic and strong attention to detail to various architectural projects from community centers to affordable housing projects. Two major projects he was involved in were HUG Preschool and Excelsior Family Connections, where aside from just picking up redlines and ordering samples, he also contributed in his design and problem solving skills. A motivated and quick learner, that accepted new challenges, Trenton was instrumental in launching the operation of ArchiCAD, Building Information Modeling program, for AND projects. He  also took the initiative in redesigning AND’s kitchen. When asked what he enjoyed about interning at AND, he states “I enjoyed working on projects that had a positive impact in my community”. Trenton graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the California College of the Arts. After graduation, he plans to spend time with family and travel as well. Eventually he would like to attend Graduate School to continue his education.

Selected work by Trenton Jewett for Lutheran HUG Preschool

All three have done a remarkable job at Asian Neighborhood Design! We thank them for their exceptional contributions to AND and to public interest and community design field. The entire AND staff wish them all a successful future and career. Congratulations on your graduation  Anh, Anarosa, and Trenton!

 - AND Staff


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