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The Oak Park Apartments project involves the renovation of an apartment complex that contained 56 one-bedroom units in six separate buildings surrounding a courtyard. The project sponsor, 26th Ave. Housing Associates (an association between East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) and Affordable Housing Associates (AHA)), renovated the project to accommodate low-income families and reconfigured the apartments into 37 one, two, three and four bedroom units to relieve the overcrowding of several family generations in one apartment that now exists. Additionally, a new Community Building was constructed in the area currently used for parking. This building includes a multipurpose room with residential kitchen, computer room, resident manager office, two accessible toilets, and two private study rooms. The building transforms the existing “motel” aesthetic and creates a new residential design through the installation of a new hipped roof, new windows and a new entry “portals” into the complex.