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It is has long been known that the look of a medical clinic can impact the impression that one may have of services they may be receiving. Additionally, the look of a clinic’s reception area, may also make a client feel and ask themselves “wow, is this what they think of me?” Recipients of mental health services are very sensitive to these impressions.  


The goals of FIP are to increase consumer engagement by involving them in the decision making process, thereby increasing their mental health wellness and recovery and to help consumer learn marketable job skills, receive on‐the‐job training and mentoring and secure meaningful employment opportunities.

Training in basic construction and remodeling skills may include but not limited to: patching and painting walls, ceilings and doors; changing/applying window dressings; hanging décor; installing and disposing of furniture and accessories; building furniture; cleaning and repairing flooring; graffiti abatement; minor landscaping, etc. This program will not entail heavy construction.

Now in its second year, the First Impressions Project is a collaboration between UCSF Citywide Employment Program, San Francisco Department of Public Health and Asian Neighborhood Design.


Ideally, the new program will provide participants with:

  • at least three months of classroom and hands on training 
  • at least six months of supervised fieldwork experience, including redecorating projects at DPH clinics and programs, specifically work to renovate the waiting rooms at CBHS mental health clinics.
  • at least minimum wage for participant’s time, effort and participation in the fieldwork ‐­job placement support to assist consumers with job preparation; resume building, job placement in the competitive workforce and retention services  

FIP vocational services will include, but are not limited to intake sessions, assessments, trainings, supervision, workshops, coaching, job placement and retention services. In addition, these services are intended to adhere to the Recovery Model helping consumers to improve their health and wellness. These services are intended to provide meaningful activities that foster a consumer’s independence and increase her/his ability to participate in society in a meaningful way. 

If this project is successful, the primary outcome would be: 

  • An increase in consumer engagement in clinic and clinical services
  • An increase in client satisfaction with services
  • An increase in staff and provider moral
  • An increase in consumers who have learned marketable job skills in basic construction and remodeling. 


Please contact Erica Sklar, AND Executive Director, at (415) 575-0423 for more information.