AND’s Community Planning program provides underserved communities with the tools and support needed to become effective players in the shaping of equitable, safe and vibrant neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. We believe that local residents, workers, stakeholders, and community-based organizations are most engaged in their own communities and know their needs better than anyone. Our planning work with communities results in physical improvements to the public realm, new community economic development, increased local capacity, and new working relationships between local stakeholders and City government. The program also advocates for community-oriented citywide planning, affordable housing, economic development, and public benefits standards for San Francisco. The goals of the Community Planning program are to:


  • Empower San Francisco’s low-income residents and communities of color to guide the future planning of their neighborhoods;
  • Build Capacity of neighborhood residents, merchants and community-based organizations to play a sustained leadership role in their communities;
  • Democratize the Use of Technology so the tools and process of planning and development are accessible to all; and
  • Institutionalize Progressive Planning Policies to translate local concerns and actions into broader advocacy initiatives.


Roughly two-thirds of the Community Planning program’s budget comes from foundation grants, and one third from small fee-for-service contracts with city agencies and community organizations. Many thanks to our past and current funders, including the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, the Walter & Elise Haas Fund, the San Francisco Foundation, and Enterprise Communities.

While the outcomes of much of our work are intangible (greater local capacity, an empowered community, ongoing technical assistance to help communities understand and shape the development process, subtle institutional changes in how the city conducts planning), we are also proud of our design portfolio, maps, research, and publications.

Examples of our work can be found on the following pages:

Comprehensive Neighborhood Planning

Commercial Corridor Planning

Design For Public Spaces

Community Mapping Service

Citywide Policy