Our Mission

Our Vision

Our mission is to reduce poverty and revitalize neighborhoods in the Bay Area by building healthy communities and providing opportunities for low-income residents to become economically self-sufficient. An empowered inter-generational community that is safe, diverse and economically stable where affordable housing and meaningful jobs and wages are the norm.


Our History


AND was founded in 1973 by a group of Architecture Students from UC Berkeley who wanted to use their design talents with the goal of improving living conditions in San Francisco’s and Oakland’s Chinatown. They began their work by volunteering and making design improvements to living and communal spaces within low-income Asian neighborhoods in the Bay Area. Over the years, AND expanded its services to low-income multiethnic communities throughout the greater Bay Area based on the belief that communities deserve to live in a socially, economically, and environmentally healthy community.
What started as a volunteer-based nonprofit 43 years ago, is now a nationally recognized nonprofit organization for its dedication to community-based services and for its design sensitivity to community concerns. We have received recognition both in the community and in the architecture profession for the quality of their services.

We welcome you to learn more about AND’s rich history of dedication to assisting San Francisco Bay Area individuals and communities by reading “Construction for Empowerment, Design for Social Change”, a compilation of AND projects from 1973-2013.